•      The BBC Studio was founded in  1986. Our first location was at the Lincoln Arts Center at 66 Bell. We were at 2211 1st Ave from 1990 till 2005 when we moved to our present location here at 2306 4th Ave. & Bell. All of the classes are adult drop-in classes so that you can start taking classes when it is convenient for you.
        The primary classes offered here are ballet and conditioning, taught by me, Elaine Bonow,
        Ana Montes  operates the Flamenco Danzarte Studio and teaches the absolute best flamenco classes in the adjacent studio. You can contact her directly at:
        Sifu Julio Ferrer has been teaching Wing Chun Kung Fu classes at the BBC since 1989. He teaches every Monday and Thursday evenings from 7:30-9:30.
       Sundays, the highly popular Stephanie Cain, teaches Ballet 101. Sunday afternoons is also the rehearsal home of the Samba troupe Vamola http://www.vamola.org/
      We also have rehearsal space available  for rent by the hour and the studio has a few upcoming artists that use the studio for rehearsal space.
      I started teaching ballet and conditioning classes in 1983. I studied exclusively at The Academy of Classic Ballet with my teacher Irene Larsson.
        Please send me an email if you have any other questions. Dress is casual just wear what you normally would when you work out. For ballet classes just wear socks if you don’t have slippers. At this time we only accept cash and checks.
         See you all in class, Elaine B