1-1/2 HOUR CONDITIONING classes are a set of exercises that strengthen and rejuvenate the entire body. The routine, which is a combination of stretch and strength is unmatched in its ability to tone the entire body. This system of exercises was first developed by Irene Larsson, my ballet instructor. I modernized the class in 1981 adding the latest in yoga, modern dance and "booty shaking!" 

We start the class on the floor with some gentle stretching and then move into a progressive aerobic warm-up. Every fast exercise is followed by a stretch. This fun and non-competitive class will positively affect every inch of your body. 

 Just wear what you normally would to work out in. Most of my students are adults, men and women, between the ages of 25 and 65. There are all levels of fitness in the classes and we encourage everyone to take the class. These classes are challenging and do everything you need to keep the body supple and youthful, plus you will love the music.



10 CLASS CARD $120

The BEGINNING BALLET classes are structured for people who want to exercise by doing something artistic. Many of my students took ballet when they were younger and love how ballet makes you supple and strong. Some of my students have always wanted to take Ballet but haven't had the opportunity until now.

Adult open Ballet classes are great for all ages 18+. There is no start date so you can decide when the classes will fit into your busy schedule. We do the same series of Barre exercises for a month at a time, giving my absolute beginners a chance to learn by repetition and the more advanced students a chance to work on proper placement, epaulement and serenity of movement.

These ballet classes are conducted in a fun-challenging environment. I keep the center floor exercises simple in order to instill a secure and confident sense of movement when you are dancing. The class size is usually between 13 & 20, a good size for me to pay close attention to my developing students while encouraging students with more training.

I studied exclusively with Irene Larsson (pictured here), at the Academy of Classic Ballet and have been teaching Ballet and Conditioning classes since 1981. The BBC Studio was founded in 1985 at the Lincoln Arts Center located at 66 Bell. We have been a part of the Belltown community for over 20 years.



10 CLASS CARD $130

Mondays & Wednesdays
11:00 AM---NOON

I designed this class for those of you who like the way ballet shapes your body . We work at the barre to tone the legs and create gracefulness then hit the floor to work on strength and flexibility. This is a very popular class.